About the APMA

The APMA office, headquartered in Salinas, CA, is a resource center for information and materials on Personnel Management.

For over 40-years, the Agricultural Personnel Management Association (APMA) has served the agricultural industry as a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Resources and Safety Management through education, information and interaction.

In addition to our Annual FORUM and an Annual Roundtable, APMA sponsors area seminars and workshops such as Sexual Harassment Training, Wage and Hour, Mandatory Leaves of Absence, Health and Wellness plus many more related topics and events in various locations throughout the state featuring topics related to human resource management and employer practices. There are also classes pertaining to labor law practices, recordkeeping, safety issues, personnel management, and supervisory training designed for field level managers.

APMA Members represent leading professionals in the field of Human Resources and Safety Management in the agribusiness community throughout California and southwest Arizona.

Through our Member Database, APMA Members have opportunities to develop networking contacts with other members who specialize in labor relations, labor laws, immigration issues, safety, insurance, labor contracting, executive search, governmental regulations, education and training. This is critical to one’s professional growth in the agricultural industry.

Our bi-monthly “Harvester” Newsletter is designed to keep the membership informed of articles on current agricultural issues, changes in government laws and regulations, safety and relevant personnel management matters.

The APMA office, headquartered in Salinas, CA, is a resource center for information and materials on Personnel Management. APMA can also direct its members to additional sources of information.

HR Certificate Program

Eight six-hour core courses are required for the program certificate, along with one elective course. Students may take courses in any sequence.

Required Courses:
·101 ~ Elements of HR Mgmt.

·102 ~ Introduction to Labor and Employment Laws

·103 ~ Effective Recruitment, Selection & Retention

·104 ~ Managing Employee Compensation Programs

·105 ~ Managing Employee Benefits Programs

·106 ~ HR Development

·107 ~ Information & Cost Analysis in HRM

·108 ~ Management and Leadership for HRM Professionals

Elective Courses:
·201 ~ Training and Org. Development

·202 ~ WC in CA – History, Law and Application

·203 ~ Safety and Health Regulations/Requirements in Agriculture

Other Pre-Approved APMA seminars (3 hours each):

·Business Ethics 101

·Mandatory Leave Laws

·Immigration Compliance

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to encourage and develop creative leadership and effective personnel management within the agribusiness community. We accomplish this by disseminating information through area meetings, workshops, newsletters and bulletins, and our Annual Forum.

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