2022 APMA Forum


January 19-21, 2022
Monterey Plaza Hotel

A Conference for HR and Safety Professionals in the Agricultural Industry



We were delighted to welcome our members once again to the Monterey Plaza Hotel on the beautiful Monterey Coast for the 41st Annual APMA Forum. APMA’s Forum is recognized as one of the premier educational and networking events for human resource and safety professionals in the agricultural industry.   

Information for 2022 APMA Forum Participants 

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2022 Forum Presentations:

2022 Labor & Employment Law Update
1-20-22 APMA Recruit-retention

20-2-18 Labor Example Partial Budget
22-1-17 Kantrovich APMA H-2A
2022 ACA ALE Example Employee Seasonal Blank Template
2022 APMA – Sandoval Labor Trends Impacts Responses
2022 APMA Job Order Presentation David and Jeanne
2022-01-04 Class Action and PAGA Litigation
2022-01-05 Top 10 Ways to Get Sued
2022-01-20 Conducting Workplace Investigations-JKG
20220119 v1 Dealing with misinformation and social media in the workplace
APMA 2022 Cal-OSHA Updates
APMA Accommodation Issues and Failure to Accommodate (01-17-2022)
APMA Developing Your Subordinates Through Documentation Discipline and Leadership MJS JS Jan 2022 (FINAL)
APMA Forum – H-2A Requirements for FLC’s (Resnick)
APMA H-2A Presentation – Housing and Transportation
APMA Presentation Wage and Hour_ The Best Offense is a Defense_AJP_RHS
CFF – 2022 PPT_
COVID-19 Issues in the Agricultural Workplace
Defend Your Property (1.10.22)
Leave Laws – Pandemic – APMA – Jan 2022
Pandemic Burnout 
Recruiting for H2A
Safety Beyond Covid 19- 41st APMA Forum 2022 v5
The New Working Environment -LGonzalez
What’s Fresh and New in Benefits APMA 01-20-22 Monterey

2022 Forum Evaluation

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to encourage and develop creative leadership and effective personnel management within the agribusiness community. We accomplish this by disseminating information through area meetings, workshops, newsletters and bulletins, and our Annual Forum.