2024 APMA Forum


January 24-26, 2024
Monterey Plaza Hotel

A Conference for HR and Safety Professionals in the Agricultural Industry



We were delighted to welcome our members once again to the Monterey Plaza Hotel on the beautiful Monterey Coast for the 43rd Annual APMA Forum. APMA’s Forum is recognized as one of the premier educational and networking events for human resource and safety professionals in the agricultural industry.   

We will be posting additional information for this event in the fall of 2023.


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2023 Forum Presentations:

Understanding The Complex World of Cafeteria and HRA Plans 01-19-23
Top 10 Ways to Get Sued
The Key to Beating Lawsuits
Pago APMA 2023
Misclassification Presentation Gumberg
Leveraging Ganaz Technology
Leaves of Absence Presentation
Kantrovich APMA Preparing for Business and Farm Succession
I-9 PP APMA 23
How to Implement & Maintain Effective Handbooks & Human Resources Policies
H-2A Session Susan Quale
H-2A Panel Malitz and Resnick
Documentation Best Practices
Defending Your Farm Without Crossing the Line – 2023 APMA Forum
CalOSHA 2023 Krycia APMA Monterey
Building Brand APMA 2023 LG
Better Benefits McClements APMA 2023
APMA Presentation Joint Employer
APMA PAGA and Arbitration (SGM rev.)
APMA Jan 2023 Seso
APMA AB 2183 and The Promise (B&M 1-12-23)
APMA – Harvust
APMA – Leveraging Ganaz Technology (2)
2023 Labor Law Update 1.19.23
Data Discovery Presentation
2023 APMA – Recruitment and Fraud in Mexico best practices
APMA Conference WC Presentation 011923.pptx
2023.01.17 APMA Hot Wage and Hour Issues
APMA Network Like A Pro

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to encourage and develop creative leadership and effective personnel management within the agribusiness community. We accomplish this by disseminating information through area meetings, workshops, newsletters and bulletins, and our Annual Forum.